Ta & Tongla’s Cuisine

Ta & Tongla's Cuisine

Authentic Thai and Asian Cooking

Prepared and Delivered Ready to Eat
or Cooked at Your Home or Chosen Location

Ta and Tongla are sisters and professional chefs with a combined 50 years of experience in the restaurant industry.  “Ta” was the executive chef for 11 years at the famous Vietnamese Le Dalat Restaurant in the heart of Bangkok and has 25 years of experience in other Thai and Asian restaurants around Bangkok.  Tongla has international experience as a chef and food consultant including working at 5 star hotels in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Fiji where she consulted on Thai food and became skilled at cooking everything on their “International” menus.

Cooking is an art and Ta and Tongla are masters of classic and fusion Asian cuisine and their specialty is Thai Isaan cooking from the northeastern provinces where they were born.  The secret is in the sauces, spices and fresh ingredients.  It all starts at the market with choosing just the right combinations for freshness and flavor for each individual dish.  Traditional Thai cuisine is a cultural philosophy.  Intended to more than simply excite the palate, it is a combination of textures, colors, aromas and elegant presentation intended to arouse all the senses.